The Bolt Diaries is a visual journal of the people I encounter everyday on the trains and buses in NYC. My first love is art and it's what led me to the textile industry where I make prints for a living and for fun. I want to come up with a million ways to incorporate sketches of people in everyday print designs and I would love for you to join me in my journey, with love Ebony Bolt. 

Slightly Deep & Greatly True  

I can't remember when I started drawing but it feels like I just woke up one day and never stopped. I like drawing small because people have made me feel that way sometimes, (cue the sad violin music). 

I live off of similes and metaphors and I like to hide little secrets in the details of my work.I'm learning to be more open and honest about art and the meanings behind it. This blog is an adventurous escape from the sometimes harsh realities of everyday life.

Check out some repeats in the Prints & Patterns section. View some of my completed full page drawings in the Sketchbook area and learn about some of the stories behind certain characters in the Art Journal.

-Much love Ebony Bolt